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Santa Virgencita

Santa Virgencita de la Concha was a performance framed on the alternative Latin American activity Bailongo Antiexótico. This dance event originates as a reaction to stereotypical depictions of Latin culture; visible in the objectification of women and the homogenization of Latin American music just as Reggaeton. In response, the collective Tremendo Parche Latino proposed a night of performance and music exploration through the musical diversity of the region and its cultural richness. This event took place during October of 2019 at the Kultur Bunker, Bremen, Germany.

The program consisted in:

1.Set didáctico

A musical journey through the roots of Latin America.

2. Mesoamérica melancólica + 3 intervenciones poéticas

Experimental set with melancholic music from mesoamerica. + a performance about exile, feminism and colonialism.

+ Virgencita de la Concha [Virgin of the Shell]

It is an effort to express the discomfort suffered by the body of the migrant Latina woman because of the Euro-centrism conception of the “exotic”.
Through a performative action, reconciliation is sought with objects that have hegemonized the construction of being a woman.

3.Baile sabrosón

Delicious dance music from Latin America.

Santa Violeta, video part of the performance. Film: “Violeta se fue a los cielos”, German subtitles

This event was hosted by Tremendo Parche Latino:
– Víctor Artigas
Pablo Somonte Ruano
Icaro López de Mesa
– Vivián Hernández
– Moira Meine
– Marcela Antipán Olate

Special thanks to Margarida Guiomar and Kultur Im Bunker.