Computable is an exercise for experimenting with analog signals, using transistors as an interface. The principal idea is to rescue different types of signals as input: sound, radio frequencies, wind, water, light, and humidity. Then, process them with a microcontroller in order to visualize the analog signals as a digital image (output).

Concept scheme
Humidity Test
Light test – Arduino
Humidity test in Bürgerpark, Bremen. Translated to visual with Processing

The objective is to understand how it is possible to carry out a reappropriation of nature and redraw it digitally (Processing). As well as, evidence the absurd and fascinating need of humans, that along with machines, convert a fluctuating world into something computable.

These exercises were part of the Super Deep Media course, tough by professor Ralf Baecker at the Hochschule for Künste in Bremen, Germany. Later on, this project would mutate into “The Amplifier Machine” installation.