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Interrupciones Algorítmicas

Interrupciones Algorítmicas (Algorithmic Interruptions) is a creative programming workshop aimed at women and other Latin American dissident bodies. It sought to bring and guide women to the programming language, from scratch.

Here, assistants learned basic notions of algorithmic thinking (thinking like a computer), as well as its use as a means for creating digital visual pieces. Specifically, we wrote small software with a series of instructions, which translated into computer language, displayed different shapes; from the point to the square (and other geometric shapes), the use of color, patterns of a given plane, and the use of random functions.

The workshop takes its name from the series of algorithmic drawings “Interruptions” (1968) created by Vera Molnár, a pioneer artist in computer art.

Vera Molnar “Structure de Quadrilateres” (1970)
Xochicuicatl e.V, Berlin Germany
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This workshop was taught in Spanish and is addressed to Spanish speaking women and other dissidents bodies. However, it is possible to adjust it to English as well. If your organization wants to implement this one-day workshop for educational and non-profit purposes, please feel free to contact me at olate.antipan@gmail.com.

No programming background is needed.

Special thanks to Barbara Bielitz for her invitation and support. This activity took place during September 2019 at the Xochicuicatl Association e.V. in Berlin, Germany.