Marcela Antipan Olate is a designer and artist interested in technology as expressive media. In her practice, she combines concepts that come indistinguishable from arts, sciences or another fields. Within that framework, one of her main interest is the critical reflection on technological objects of daily use and their symbolic and technical connections in relation to politics, economies, ecologies, and cultures. With a background in graphic design, functionality and speculative narratives intertwined her processes. Marcela’s work translates into physical objects, software, research, visual pieces, and programmed driven poetry. 

In the past, she worked developing ideas and concepts for research institutions, as well as teaching at the School of Design at the University of Chile. Currently, she is working as an assistant in the research project The Dynamic Archive at the University of the Arts Bremen, while finishing her master’s degree at the same institution. 

Her work has been presented at the III New Media Meeting in Valdivia, Chile, exhibited at the Hochschultage, in the University of the Arts Bremen, Warping the Future online exhibition Columbia University, and ISEA2022 Barcelona.

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Awards & Recognitions
Digital Media Hochschulpreis (Honorary Mention)
"The Amplifier Machine"
Jury: Jonas Loh, Saša Spačal and Prof. Dr. Moritz Ingwersen 09.02.2020 Bremen, Germany
Postal address (university & study)
Hochschule für Künste Bremen Marcela Antipán Olate Am Speicher XI 8 28217 Bremen Deutschland